Getting Short Term Cover For Your Vehicle

Many people are searching for cheap temporary car insurance in the UK everyday. Thousands of quotes and policies are taken out for a variety of circumstances.

For instance, one may want to protect a No-Claims Discount (NCD) they have built up on their main policy over several years. If they are lending their car or van to a friend for a couple of days – or sharing the driving on a road trip – and accident was to occur, this may affect the no claims bonus and mean a higher premium at renewal. By taking out a separate short term deal, this would often protect them from any unforeseen incident affecting them in the future.

Temporary cover in the United Kingdom is advisable to be obtained when an individual wants to use a vehicle that does not belong to them for a short period of time. The short time car insurance enables the person using the car to be covered and thus will not put the principal car insurance liable for any risks.

Short term insurance becomes of importance when lending a vehicle to a separate person. This allows the policy to offer a short term cover within the span the car is to be used.

When a new motor has been bought, drive-away insurance can be used just before one can acquire annual full-time cover.

Short period car policy is important when a car is to be used for a period of less than twenty eight days.

When an individual is undecided on which policy to buy for their car, they can take their time to analyse all the policy but in the meantime use the short period motor cover.

For anyone to be issued with brief insurance cover, they should have been residents of the united kingdom for a period longer than twelve months. This is usually critical to insure the individual has acclimatized to the area and the driving rules and policy of the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom one is eligible for this type of policy if their age ranges from eighteen to seventy five. The minimum age for some insurers can be twenty one years.

Having a driving license issued in the United Kingdom and used for a period of longer than six months or a European Union driving license held for longer than twelve months, makes one eligible for obtaining a temporary car cover in the UK. Having a provisional license can also be used to obtain a this type of policy.

Having a good claim history will boost the chance of obtaining a cover. This is evaluated to determine the risk that the driver may present to the insurer.

The temporary motor insurance is vital as one gets to apply for the days that they are to use the vehicle. This becomes more economical than taking part in the main car insurance for the short period one is to use the car. For example, if a trip is to take five days, the short time car cover that is obtained will cover only those five days.

In case of an incident occurring that affects the driver or the car like an accident the main motor insurance will not be liable for any claim made as the car was under a temporary car cover.

The short term cover can be obtained easily online and is done almost instantly, this makes it very efficient and the use of the vehicle can begin right away without wasting a lot of time.