Tablet Versus Netbook

Posted on Tue 06 December 2016 in misc

Netbooks are smaller versions of laptops and many people believe that they will go on to replace laptops especially with the launch of faster dual core processors for netbooks that match the processing power of laptops. Tablet computers on the other hand are a new phenomenon that has been changing the way we use computers. A tablet laptop is the next big thing in the world of computing. Many people are betting on the tablet versus netbook replacing conventional laptops. A tablet is a mobile computer integrated into a flat touch screen display. A tablet laptop does not have a physical keyboard or a mouse.

Let’s compare tablet versus netbook head to head:
Size- netbooks are fairly small with the screen size ranging for 7 to 10 inches. Tablets too are available roughly in the same size. However a tablet is a lot more slim that a netbook. The netbook occupies space because its form is based on old laptops where you have a screen and a full sized keyboard that you fold when you wish to carry the netbook around.

Input – A netbook has a smaller keyboard than a full sized laptop laptop stands. Usually about 90% of a full sized keyboard. The track pad too is smaller compared to a laptop. A tablet computer however does not have a keyboard or a track pad. The tablet screen itself registers the input in form of resistive or capacitive touch screen. It has an on screen keyboard which is used to type and you can select icons by touching them. Everything is based on touch and gesture control.

Power- The netbook is powered by Intel atom processors whereas tablets have a processor on a chip in most cases. The netbook is powered by a lite version of the operating system whereas most tablets that are widely used these days usually run on iOS or android operating system.

Weight – netbooks have a smaller battery pack in form of 3 cell compared to the 6 and 9 cell on laptops this reduced the weight of netbooks. They also do not have an optical drive which further reduces the weight. Tablets computers are even more light that netbooks and can be carried around and used anywhere you wish.

In terms of connectivity tablet versus netbook are evenly matched as they come with 3G, WIFI and mobile broadband access adaptors embedded in them.

Tablet versus netbook today form a major portion of the sales pie. The new generation of computer users prefer small and fast computers in form of netbooks and tablet computers.